Merry Christmas / thank you blog readers

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a bit of a gushy post, but Christmas is a gushy time of year. It's the most gushingest tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear, as it were. So brace yourselves.

I've tried various ways of writing this post, attempting to come at it from a jokier angle, but all I really want to say is thank you so much. Thank you so so much. Thank you for reading, thank you or clicking, thank you for commenting. 

I've always been lucky to have a very loyal core of readers throughout the many (often ill-conceived) reincarnations of my blog, but this year I have really felt the love. I know a lot of bloggers say stuff like this, so it's difficult to articulate properly what it means to me to have a group of women (the one exception being my boyfriend, who reads all my posts - hey bae) who take time out of their lives to read what I write on the internet and respond so kindly, thoughtfully and very often hilariously to what I - me! Just some random girl from London - have to say.

Whether it's through twitter, instagram or the good old-fashioned comments section I have felt so encouraged in 2016. I've made connections with some crazy talented people - shout out to Anna from This Last Moment - and relied on some familiar faces for inspiration and encouragement - Holly I'm talking about you. One day I will come to your cafe and eat all your cake. I expect mates' rates. I have a habit of doubting myself immensely, but all the wonderful, helpful feedback from everyone both here and on social media has spurred me on and helped me make 2016 a year in which I've invested more time and effort into blogging than ever before. But I really wouldn't have done it if I didn't feel as supported and encouraged as I do by my readers and fellow bloggers. I know every blogger and their mum says so, but it really honestly does mean a lot to me.

So whether you're a casual reader, commenter, instagram liker or superhero link sharer, thank you so much. You have spurred me on to be more ambitious in 2017. I've got lots of plans, tonnes of inspiration and I may have even made a borderline cringeworthy inspiration board to keep me focused (I did make one. I think it's working). So thanks again. I can't wait to see where blogging in 2017 will take me. 

Told you it would be gushy.